Zip-files for download are below, red spot marked. Where appropriate, instructions are included in the download package. Further downloads can be obtained in the future.

It is suggested that, before downloading the the program, you download a manual and (if these are separate) any zipped atlases. Then download the program and install it following the instructions in the guide or manual.

Pay special attention to the messages that appear during the installation of the latest version 2.05, and follow them.

All documents are in ZIP format. By clicking on a downloadable item, generally the browser window offers the choices "Open \ Save \ Cancel". With the first option you can preview the contents of the download but, depending on the program that you have to unpack the ZIP file, choosing "Open" you may receive an "error warning": ignore going "OK", then open the file with double-click and possibly save it from the menu "File \ Save as". With the second option the file will be downloaded into the customary or selected folder.
The following downloads are for the software developers
Astrolog V5.41F inside switches
Astrological coordinates converter V1.0
Programma astrologico freeware
Astrolog32 V1.35Beta project
USA atlas (30 May 2009)
World atlas (no USA states)
Italian atlas
Astrolog32 V2.05
HTML English Companion - V2.05 ( 20 March 2019 )
How-tos, refer to "The Companion"
Unzip and copy into " ... \atlas\international"
 Latest version
By: Paloma. In French
By: Roberto Luporini
Astrolog32 V2.05 project
 See "Compilazion" page
Sedna_Eris V2.02.4 activation file
Orbital parameters on 18-6-2009
Ephemeris - AstroDienst
1800-2400 already in the program. Download more here.
(By Antonio Ramos)
(Antonio Ramos)
(Antonio Ramos)
Roberto Luporini - 20 March 2019 - All rights reserved
UAstrolog V0.74 (English version, Italian settings)
Unzip in C:\
UAstrolg V0.75Beta project
 Astrolog32 V2.02 ALL-IN without installation (Ita.)
       One comprehensive zip download: V2.02-1.1
A32 V2.02-1.1 all-in (Italian)
With atlases, ephemeris, interpretations and improved macros
Instructions for Astrolog32 V2.02 all-in (Italian)
 OK for W7, WXP, ecc. No installation
 UAstrolog 0.74 Italian version
        Download first Italian version : V0.74-0.1
UAstrolog (Ita. vers. V0.74-0.1)
 Many new features compared to the previous A32 versions
Intructions for UAstrolog (Ita. vers. V074-0.1)
  OK for W7, WXP, ecc. No installation
 See "Compilazion" page
 See "Compilazion" page
 Astrolog32 V2.05 available now
  Swiss Ephem. V1.80 \ Updated manuals - all languages \English Companion
  New Macros - all languages \ Updated links \ Reordered Project
   Latest version of the program
pagina italiana
Clicca qui per la
Unzip and copy into " ... \atlas\american"
Open the Companion to A32
       Updated on 20 March 2019
           Astrolog32 V3.0, with most of the
 ancient astrological techniques, is coming.
                           Stay tuned ! :-)