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Compiling Astrolog32 and UAstrolog
*Astrolog32 V1.35 Beta* project
*Astrolog32 V1.35 Beta* installer
Questa pagina interessa prevlentemente gli sviluppatori. Le conoscenze tecniche richeste presuppongono la padronanza della lingua inglese. Visti poi i problemi che si incontrano nelle operazioni di compilazione, che dai codici sorgenti permettono di ottenere dei programmi eseguibili, quanto qui riportato sarÓ probabilmente di interesse generale anche per visitatori stranieri. L'esposizione sarÓ dunque in inglese.
Many users would be interested to modify something in the programs (here in Astrolog), but the process necessary to do that is not simple for ordinary mortals (we include ourselves in this category). Because we found a quite simple and fast manner to go along this road, we release here a few projects ready to be compiled using only freeware tools. Two free programs are necessary (click on their name):
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition
Inno Setup
The V. C++ 2010 edition is heavier than the previous 2008 version. Using it, our projects will be automatically converted, with small problems for A32 V 2.04 .

At the moment there are three versions of Astrolog running under Windows (the most known), and each of them has some feature the others have not. So, three multiple downloads are below available:

--- Astrolog32 V 2.05_____(Codes + project, installer and the related instructions)
--- Astrolog32 V 1.35 Beta (Codes + project, installer and the related instructions)
--- UAstrolog V 0.75_Beta (Codes + project, installer and the related instructions)

The first is a new release we made mainly to improve the Italian and French versions, with updated Swiss Ephemeris (V1.80). The others must be regarded for test purposes only, created from their previous versions, even if we tried to fix a few small bugs here and there. They can be usefull:

*SE180Libs* project
*Astrolog32 V2.05* installer
--- for the standard user to test the new beta releases
--- for everybody interested to play with the codes
--- for the developers, to carry the projects forward or convert them towards new languages

*UAstrolog V0.75 Beta* project
*UAstrolog V0.75Beta* installer
Roberto Luporini
Istructions to compile the *Astrolog32 V1.35 Beta* project
Istructions to compile the *Astrolog32 V2.05* project
Istructions to compile the *UAstrolog V0.75Beta* project
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition
*SE174Libs* project (by Antonio Ramos)
*Astrolog32 V2.05* project